Travelling by aeroplane is one of the safest and easiest ways to travel.

But there appears to be growing fears, in the US, that mechanics are feeling the pressure from management to “look the other way” when it comes to safety problems with aircraft following an eight-month investigation carried out by CBS News, the American news broadcaster.

Mobile phone footage that was released shows workers identifying problems during an exchange with an American Airline manger.

“We’re an accident waiting to happen,” can be heard across the footage which was released back in 2017. 

During a series of interviews with the network, a number of mechanics also described the situation between themselves and the airline, describing the pressure and environment when identifying potential problems with planes.

One said, “You constantly have people over your shoulder questioning why it takes so long. ‘Can’t we skip a few steps?'”

“I’ve seen people walked off the job, held on suspension for a month or more because they’ve reported problems that they supposedly were outside their scope for finding,” another mechanic said.

In response to the allegations, David Seymor, Senior Vice President at American said, “Safety is part of the culture and they know if they don’t do it safely, they’re not to do it at all.”

Originally written by CBS This Morning on CBS This Morning

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