Sportswear giant, Nike has withdrawn its limited edition products that feature the collaboration with Undercover in China.

Action as taken following a controversial post in social media platform Instagram in which, according to the Financial Times, an image was used in “support of the protests that are against to allow extraditions from Hong Kong to mainland China.”

The caption of “no extradition to China” was added to the image and then was later removed.

Protests were spread across Hong Kong, following a proposed bill that would permit “suspects to be extradited to places that Hong Kong does not have an extradition agreement with.”

The reaction from retailers was swift, following the report from the FT, Douniu removing Undercover products from its listings and YYT Sports Nike halting a scheduled drop for June.

Nike did later release a statement around the collaboration with the Jun Takahashi-led brand.

Responding to a request by Footwear News, they said, “Based on feedback from Chinese consumers, we have withdrawn from China a small number of products that were designed by a collaborator.”

Originally written by Peter Verry on Footwear News

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