In a world where art can be created not just via a brush but now smartpen and software, can graphic designers now be classed as artists?

Currently, the demand for graphic designers continues to increase. From creating branding, graphics for video and even gifs, you could say that they are artists, but can the work they produce be classed as art?

One Los Angeles interdisciplinary designer believes that they can be considered as one BUT it can only be borrowed.

Ozan Karakoc, who has worked with brands like Fox Sports, Pepsi and Sony Pictures to name but a few, looks at how designers are and what they produce can’t be labelled as an artistic creation.

Speaking to Creative Boom, he said: “graphic designers are artists too, but most of the time, what they do cannot be considered as ‘art’ since their job is all about thinking strategically, telling stories, solving problems and convincing audiences.”

“I believe that those are the rare moments when we, designers, can borrow the title ‘artist’,” he added. 

Although this is something that he finds captivating, at times, the desire to be unrestricted with art, even though he shares a keen passion with creative branding.

Should graphic designers be given the title of an artist or does Ozen Karakoc make a good point? 

Originally written by Emily Gosling on Creative Boom.

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