The continued rise of streaming platforms and superhero movies could see the end of Hollywood comedy on the silver screen.

In 2009, comedy was flourishing within the comedy genre. Movies such as The Hangover, Couples Retreat and Zombieland, contributed to a $2.5 billion taking with six films tipping past $100 million in the US Box Office.

Fast forward from then and things have changed.

In 2018 that $2.5 billion fell to $1billion and only one film, Crazy Rich Asians, made more than $100 million compared to the six back then. A year later, during the summer, no film in this category made anything more than $35 million at the cinema.

So is there a reason why this decline is happening?

Not only has cinema been dominated by Superhero films but there is also the rise of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Apple TV+ and Hulu are taking over television screens and with that, swiping most of the industries’ biggest names.

For example, Adam Sandler (Big Daddy, Grown Ups) signed a multi-film deal with Netflix, with his latest instalment, Murder Mystery, was the platform’s most popular titles last year if you look across the different reviews and news sources across the web.

It’s co-star, Jennifer Aniston (Friends), has also made the leap, not just with film but also signing up with and starring in Apple TV+ drama The Morning Show alongside Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde) and Steve Carell (Despicable Me, The Office US)

Currently, the biggest resources are found within streaming content, it’s where stars might look into for future projects, not just with films or TV series but stand up, also.

When the next decade arrives, could we see the fall of big-screen comedy and more stars try out original content from the different providers or is this simply a blip and genre will recover?

Originally written by Nick Allen on The Telegraph.

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