A demonstration made by parents and school students in Westminster, protesting about the issues of education funding, has revealed that over 200 schools in England cannot afford to continue education for their pupils for the whole five days. Within this figure, some schools have already shortened the week, while others are in the planning stages. 

According to Labour MP Jess Phillips, there are 26 schools in Birmingham, including her son’s, that are already on a four and a half day week. She said, “[The education system] is crumbling and nobody cares. The Department for Education just repeatedly wants to blame headteachers, as if the headteacher at my son’s school does not know how to manage money.”

This means parents are left struggling to find childcare while they work, while Save Our Schools (SOS) a campaign group, have said that children missing half a day a week adds up to 20 days of education across the school year. SOS campaigner Kate Taylor also mentions the hypocrisy of government policies, when there’s laws against parents taking their child out of school early for unauthorised absences.

“If we were to remove our children for one Friday afternoon, we could be committing a criminal offence. It’s quite simple: we want our children to be in school receiving the education they deserve.”

Originally written by Sally Weale on The Guardian

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