Shopping for furniture is an experience.

Visiting the store to look at style, colour, size and also trying to imagine what it would look like in your home.

Now with the advancements in technology, imaging will be a thing of the past.

John Lewis is taking advantage of Virtual Reality to provide a shopping experience called ‘Visualise Your Space’ and it allows customers to pick different items and try them in the space they wish to use.

Using a tablet, shoppers enter room dimensions, locations of windows and doors through an app and it then generates a preview of what products fit around that area. Then, you’ll be taken through a VR walkthrough of what you have chosen and see what it may look like, through the headset, thanks to the US-based design and 3D-visualisation company Marxent, who designed the technology.

The addition of changing the colour of the walls and flooring to accommodate the selection, with the option of the created room plus shoppable links.

“This new technology will enable customers to be braver in their choices, and test technology that architects and interior designers have been using to visualise their designs,” said Caitlin Price, John Lewis Partner and Head of Buying for Furniture and Flooring.

Originally written by Victoria Purcell on The Resident

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