Amazon has opened a store in Seattle, right next to its campus. But it’s no ordinary store: you walk in, pick up your items, and leave, with payment taken directly from your Amazon account. But how? 

You enter the store by scanning a QR code, and anything you pick up is added to your virtual cart. Anything you put back will be automatically removed from the cart. The store stocks prepared food to go, staple grocery items, and a small selection of wine and beer. 

Amazon has put strong anti-theft measures in place, including cameras and high-tech sensors, which track both you and the location of items within the store. However, the system isn’t perfect, as a number of YouTubers have proven in their own videos

The Seattle store was the first to open, and now there are a number of stores across the US. Will Amazon once again revolutionise the way we shop? If their pilot stores are successful and expand worldwide, it’ll certainly be worth checking out!  

Originally created and published by Tech Insider

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