Patagonia follows the story of Eli Neztsosie, a rancher and self taught trail runner who has grown up surrounded by deserts and mountains in the north east of Navajo Nation, with no running water or electricity.

“Being self-sufficient, there’s ups and downs, we have to get the job done. Running was just part of the responsibilities that he had, and I think that’s where he developed his running skills.” Eli’s mother, Kathy Neztsosie, tells Patagonia. For Eli, running was not a hobby, but a necessity for his work on the ranch.

In 2010, Eli had a moped accident that resulted with him being in a coma for a month. A few years later he was diagnosed with epilepsy, and the medication had depressive side affects on him. One early morning when he was unable to sleep, Eli went on a hike.

“I was half way down the road and I realised I might as well pick up the pace, and it turned into a jog and eventually I jogged all the way home. I loved it so much, it was so stress-relieving, so the next day again, I started doing it consistently.”

Neztsosie has used his endurance from hard work and the mindset that things need to get done, to help him progress with his running. He has run half marathons, whole marathons and now runs ultra marathons.

“If you’re constantly running after the hard things, you’re gonna eventually achieve what you’re going after.”

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