A new trend is on the rise in East and South East Asia: Corgi cafes.

‘Corgi in the Garden’ cafe in Bangkok houses twelve Corgis, whose increasing popularity among Thais is accredited to their short, squat stature and funny characteristics. 

The Corgis work six days a week at the cafe, selling out hour long sessions with guests, which cost $11 per person. 

There are two breeds of Corgi: the Pembroke and the Cardigan. Both originate in Wales as a type of small herding dog. The Pembroke is the most popular breed at the cafe, and it is also beloved by Queen Elizabeth II.

There are so many different types of animal cafes across the world including cats, owls, hedgehogs, micro-pigs and even racoons. So, will this trend continue for the foreseeable future?

Originally created and published by CGTN

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