In this episode of Dose of Society, Londoners give their views on whether they think it is fair or not for people – particularly those in the spotlight – to lose their jobs after old ‘tweet’s’ or comments have been unearthed.

There are plenty of examples of celebrities receiving backlash from old social media posts, such as with TV and Radio presenter, Maya Jama, after tweeting an insensitive joke in 2012:

“‘Dark skin b***** shaving their head expecting to look like Amber Rose, when really they end up looking like Micheal Jordan.’ Looooooooool’”

She was not fired for it, and she publicly apologised.

Here are some of the opinions on the subject:

“How can you hold someone liable for something they said ten years ago?”

“I don’t think really, that people should lose their jobs on the basis of what they said previously.”

“If we’re always penalising people by their past then how do we move forwards?”

“It depends on how far it goes, like, someone could say some crazy stuff, there could be a bit of them that still believes that…”

Originally created and published by Dose of Society.

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