Britain’s knife crime offences reached a new high last year, increasing by 7% in the 12 months that ended in June 2019. In this episode of Dose of Society, they speak to citizens in London to see what their views are on why it has become such a problem.

Here’s a couple of their opinions:

“Young people need to know that when you carry a knife, you are not carrying it for protection, you are not carrying it to disable a person, you are carrying it kill someone.”

“It is so easy to by a knife, you know, gun crime is much less in the UK, because it’s much harder to buy a gun.”

“Rap has a huge impact on it”

“As opposed to focusing on the object, or you know, the end goal of putting them in prison, why don’t we focus on the reasons why those children even feel like they need to fear for their lives and carry knives around.”

“By joining gangs they kind of gain some power, and through gaining that power they get influenced to do things that they don’t necessarily want to do.

Original video created and published by Dose of Society.

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