Postnatal Depression (PND) or isolation is quite common, with one out of 9 women experiencing it after they given birth. Similar to depression, it leaves you feeling empty, sad or lonely, often with a feeling of disconnection to your newborn, which of course can be very confusing and upsetting.

In this video by Romper, Ayanna Efiom, a stay-at-home mother, explains how she began to feel straight after childbirth, and how she managed to overcome those feelings.

“I’ve never necessarily regretted being a stay-at-home mum…I do regret not putting myself out there after I gave birth. I started to isolate myself, I didn’t take care of myself at all.”

She goes on to say how much it helped her when she surrounded herself with other mothers going through the same thing, as they became a community. In Ayanna’s case she overcame her isolation before it got too bad, and now loves being a mother to her two-year old.

According to the NHS in 2011, 58% of women either didn’t realise that they were experiencing PND or were too scared of what the consequences would be from reporting it. 25% of women were still experiencing it after a year. From these statistics, the charity 4Children then conducted campaigns to raise awareness for the mental illness so that diagnosis is improved.

To find out more about PND visit Women’s Health here

Originally created and published by Romper

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