Chanel Miller, a victim of a rape case that caused international outrage, has recently had her memoir, “Know My Name” published. It shares her side of the story, and has placed her in the spotlight after remaining anonymous or going by the name Emily Doe for years after the assault.

In January 2015, Miller attended a Stanford University party with her sister, where she was found later on being sexually assaulted whilst unconscious behind some dumpsters. The attacker was student Brock Turner, whose name was well known for being a star swimmer at Stanford. The two graduate students that witnessed the incident called the police and pinned Turner down after he had tried to get away.

Turner was convicted of three felony counts of sexual assault after a year at trial. He should have been facing up to 14 years in jail, however Judge Aaron Persky determined that a long-term sentence would severely impact Turner and therefore sentenced him to just 6 months in county jail. The news caused an uproar, including with Californian voters, who recalled Judge Persky in 2018. A majority vote got Persky removed from the Santa Clara County Superior Court, where he had been serving since 2003.

With her new book, Chanel Miller has made sure that she is not defined as the intoxicated girl that got sexually assaulted once. She has taken back the power and can now help others by talking about what happened instead of being silent like she was for those years.

Originally created and published by PBS News Hour.

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