At a time when men need to step up to the challenge of the #MeToo movement, it appears many of them are doing the opposite and standing back.

In the era of the #MeToo movement a study has found that 60% of male managers are uncomfortable participating in regular work activities with women. Men are either withdrawing from or have become hesitant about being in a one-on-one working environment with a woman, possibly fearful that they might not live up to the challenge of the movement. 

Business leaders are failing to appreciate the opportunities that could arise from the #MeToo movement. It is a catalyst to innovate, and it should be allowing businesses to be diverse and inclusive. Difficult conversations grant business leaders to be ahead of the curve and build a rapport with the communities they serve. 

Gender equality, in terms of higher management has stalled, so men taking a back seat means there is even less of a chance for an opportunity to build trust between men and women in the workplace. Studies show that sexual harassment is more likely to occur when the C-suite is dominated primarily with the male presence. If this is the case, then playing it safe is not the best way to move forward and instead, the promotion of women and an equal working community should be embraced. 

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