Phoebe Smith, award winning travel writer and nominee for Pioneer of the Year in the 2019 Revolut Everywoman in Travel Awards, is also known as an ‘extreme sleeper’, or some might say an adrenaline junkie. You decide.

She’s slept under boulders, on top of mountains – all of the extreme points of mainland Britain to be exact – suspended from cliffs, you name it, Smith has probably slept there. She brings a new outlook onto the way you travel, not for the experience of new cultures or different foods, but to highlight the condition (or worse) that so many homeless people have to sleep in nightly, as well as proving that women can travel alone.

“It’s a tremendous privilege to have carved out a career from sleeping…And also slightly bonkers.”

Through her expeditions, Smith has raised thousands for the youth homeless charity, Centrepoint. She wrote a book in 2013 called, ‘Extreme Sleeps’, which she actually received backlash from, with people calling her out for being fake.

“Rather than putting me off, they just made me feel like there was even more of a reason to do it”, Smith told the telegraph, and that’s what she’s doing. This year with her companion Dwayne Fields for their founding mission of the #WeToo project, they are taking a group of young under-privileged adults with them to Antarctica.

Both travellers are aware and conscious that to be in a position to adventure travel is a privilege, and it is predominantly white and male. Their goals are to change this landscape of travel and rebalance it, as well as giving others a chance to see firsthand how literal concepts such as climate change and species displacement is.

To learn more about Phoebe Smith and her expeditions look here.

Article originally written by Robbie Hodges on The Telegraph.

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