“Adversity Score” – Why Asian Americans Fear These Words Will Harm Their Children.

All parents want their children to succeed in life and this starts from early education. However, the creator of the Scholastic Aptitude Test has been quiet regarding the criticisms over the recent changes (which intend to level the socio-economic playing field in admissions), and how it will hurt Asian-American children in particular.

The implementation of Adversity scores – the popular slang term for the ECD (Environmental Context Dashboard) – has been described to have grave harms to Asian-American children who are often punished by racial preferences in college admissions.

Yukong Zhao, president of the Asian American Coalition for Education has also fought Harvard University’s admission process. The Ivy League school use ‘holistic admissions’ which sets an informal rough cap on the number of Asian-American admissions.

Recent criticisms of the ECD include its potential for fraud and the opacity of its criteria. Generally, critics object to its likelihood to penalise those who perform well academically – this typically falls to the Asian American group. The coalition group has stated its agreement on most Americans, as judged by polling, that merit should be the only determinant of admission – with race, ethnicity, gender, legacy or athletic ability never being a factor.

The Asian American Coalition for Education group actually supports an even more ‘holistic’ evaluation process than Harvard and other elite schools use, indicating that certain skills should be of greater weight depending on what the student chooses to study.

This new system effectively punishes families who ‘endure tremendous hardships and make great sacrifices so that they move to good school districts and send their kids to good school.’

Originally written by Christopher Tremoglie on The College Fix

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